Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Review

Great Northern Roosevelt Top Antique Style popcorn popper is the perfect appliance for popcorn lovers. The product has been designed as an appropriate machine for commercial use. However, it can also be used in offices or your home to produce large quantities of fresh popcorns.

This antique style popcorn making machine revives the nostalgic feelings associated with traditional theater popcorns. It combines the old conventional design with up-to-date technology in order to produce the best results.

More features of this attractive appliance are discussed below.great-northern-popcorn-6010-roosevelt-top-antique-style-popcorn-popper-machine-8-ounce

General Specifications Of Great Northern Popcorn

The product measures 17.5 inches in length and 25.75 inches in height with a width of 20.50 inches. This magnificent popcorn popper is designed to produce three gallons of popcorns in a single batch. Therefore, it is the most suitable appliance for commercial use. It serves well in theaters, schools, zoos, parks and other places of recreation.

Since it is a commercial quality appliance, it operates using 860 Watts along with the standard 110 volts. The popcorn popper makes efficient use of power.


This attractively designed appliance features an antique look which may remind you of your childhood days at a carnival or at the cinema. The main body consists of tampered glass with a powder coated and stainless steel frame. The latter offers high durability while the powder coating ensures that the surface is not damaged with any scratches. The glass gives you a view of the contents inside. The effect is enhanced by a spot light.


Great Northern Antique Style popcorn popper produces delectable popcorns with a high quality texture. In addition, it also offers storage space to keep the entire batch warm and fresh till you need it. Various components of the appliance make it absolutely user-friendly.

Included with the main machine are useful accessories, such as separate scoops for kernels, popcorns and oil. Add the kernels and oil in the right quantities by using their respective scoops for proper measurements. Once ready, the popcorns can then be scooped out easily. The entire job is hassle-free as well as mess-free.

The product also consists of a kernel reject tray. The purpose of this tray is separate the popcorns from the un-popped kernels. This popcorn maker also offers storage for your entire batch of popcorns. The spotlight also functions as a warmer to keep your snack warm and fresh.

Bonus Features

Apart from several useful traits, the product also offers some bonus features which make it more user-friendly. It provides a storage compartment for various accessories, such as popcorn bags. In addition, the brand new appliance comes with 50 new popcorn bags for you to use.

The Bottom Line

The Great Northern Popcorn Maker is one of the top rated models available for commercial use. It features modern technology in combination with an antique design to give you the best of both worlds. Use it for commercial purposes or have it for your home to give the perfect look to your home theater. The product can be enjoyed by your family to give them a hygienic and healthy snack.


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