Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style Review

Great Northern offers top quality popcorn poppers which are perfect for commercial use. Enthusiastic popcorn lovers can also have these machines for their homes in order to enjoy theater style snack with family.

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie 8 oz. Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine and Cart

The Great Northern Matinee Movie Theater Style popcorn maker presents an attractive design which reminds us of traditional popcorn machines.

This innovative machine combines an antique design with the latest technology. It consists of high quality components and offers a user-friendly functionality.

Discover more about this interesting appliance through the following review.

General Specifications

The Great Northern Matinee Movie Theater Style popcorn popper is a sturdy machine which weighs 30.5 pounds. It consists of 22.8 inches of height, 13.6 inches of width and 14.4 inches of length. It looks magnificent as an addition to your own home theater. The interesting antique style will be eye-catching for every visitor to your house.

The appliance operates using 110 volts AC. It performs its function quite well by making efficient use of the supplied power.

Main Components

You have a clear view of the contents of the machine through its tempered glass walls. The framework is sturdy and consists of premium paint which can endure high temperatures.

Your snack will not be intoxicated with paint chemicals. This helps in providing a good taste as well as health.

Inside the popcorn popper is a stainless steel kettle and a useful measuring cup. The popping process takes place inside the kettle. The prepared snack then pops out of the kettle on to a removable tray.

There is also a reject kernel tray which can be used to remove any un-popped kernels. In this way, you will get the best quality popcorns without any hard kernels to spoil the fun.

The machine also stores your popcorn and keeps it warm. A warming bulb can be found inside the appliance which acts as a spotlight and also keeps the stored snack warm.

Function and Use

Using this popcorn popper model is very simple. You just need to follow the right instructions before you can sit back and relax, letting the machine carry out the rest of the process.

Simply turn on the switch to preheat the popping kettle for three to four minutes. Measure the kernels using the provided measuring cup and add them to the kettle. The corns will start to pop. Within the next few minutes, the storage component will be filled with delicious looking popcorns.

Bonus Accessories

As an incentive for new purchasers, the Great Northern Red Movie Matinee Style popcorn popper comes with a few useful bonus components.

These include 3 reusable plastic serving cups along with 20 disposable serving bags. Measuring cups and a popcorn scoop are also provided. These accessories enhance the user-friendly nature of the appliance. In addition, you end up enjoying your matinee style popcorn even more by serving it in proper popcorn bags.

The Bottom Line

The appliance is worth its cost and gives you value for money. It produces up to 3 gallons of popcorns which makes it perfect for commercial use. Using the appliance does not involve any complications. Anyone can operate it by following the right instructions. It is an efficient as well as safe popcorn maker.


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