Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper Review

Presto offers one of the best popcorn poppers – 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper. It is a handy electric appliance which prepares healthy popcorns using hot air technology. The compact design makes it perfect for use in homes. In addition, its small price tag makes it even more attractive to those who are looking for an affordable model offering decent functionality.


Discover more about this user-friendly popcorn maker through the following review.

General Specifications

The appliance is compact measuring 11.6 by 10 by 7 inches. This 3.2 pounds machine is extremely handy and does not require a large storage space. Having it on your kitchen counter will be a delight since it presents an eye-catching and elegant design. It stands on a stable base which supports the popping chamber. This base may be white or black with a red, black or red chute. These are the available color combinations. You can make your pick according to what you like best.

The chute is transparent and directs the prepared popcorns into a serving bowl. Right on top of this chute is a measuring cup which also serves to add butter to your snack. Simply add the required amount of butter to this cup and it will melt over your popcorns as they are being prepared. In this way, you will get a delectable flavor along with the best texture. This process is mess-free as well as convenient.

Efficient Performance

Presto Poplite Hot Air popcorn popper prepares 18 cups of crispy popcorns. The total cooking time takes no longer than two and a half minutes. This is 30 times faster than the time taken by a large number of other top quality brands. These results have been proven by comparison tests. The machine is also faster than a microwave at preparing popcorns. This means you can prepare a single batch or more within minutes to satisfy your family.

The manufacturers suggest using gourmet popcorn in order to make the process even more efficient. You will be able to save up to seventy percent as compared to microwave bagged popcorns.

Healthy Outcome

This popcorn popper model uses no oil for preparing your snack. This means you can enjoy the healthiest popcorn which is made using hot air technology. When you turn on the appliance, hot air is circulated through the popping chamber which causes the kernels to pop perfectly. As a result, your popcorns turn delightfully crispy as well as healthy. Each cup contains no more than 30 calories. You may or may not add butter in order to further cut down the calories.

Easy Clean up

Since hot air technology is used, Presto Poplite popcorn popper creates no mess which most conventional popcorn making machines do. You do not have to struggle with heavy grease. Instead, simple warm water and dishwashing detergent are sufficient to clean the removable parts of the appliance.

The Bottom Line

This is quite an attractive popcorn popper which is efficient, user-friendly as well as affordable. It makes your snack healthy by eliminating the need to add any oil. This model is certainly among the top popcorn making machines.


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