West Bend 82306 | 6-Quart Electric Popcorn Popper Review

West Bend 82306 stir crazy popcorn popper is the perfect appliance designed for domestic use. It gives you fresh popcorns within 5 minutes. You can enjoy this healthy snack right at your home with family or when your friends come over for a movie night. The appliance is extremely user friendly and gives great results in terms of the quality of the popcorns. In addition to being efficient in performance, this electric machine is also quite affordable.

Following are more details about the features and traits of West Best’s 82306 Stir Crazy.west-bend-82306-stir-crazy-6-quart-electric-popcorn-popper

General Specifications

This handy appliance offers an interesting design with a transparent lid inverted over a non-stick bottom. The lid can also be used as a serving bowl once your popcorns are ready.

The measurements for the machine are 11.8 by 14.2 by 9.5 inches. This compact design allows users to easily accommodate the appliance in their kitchen without needing a large space. In addition, it is also extremely light since it only weighs 4.2 pounds.

The popcorn popper operates using 120 volts and 1000 Watts. These are standard specifications for electric appliances suitable for domestic use.

Perfect Popcorn Texture

This popcorn maker gives you the best texture by making each popcorn delightfully light and fluffy. It would be right to say that every mouthful would feel extremely pleasurable. Although the appliance looks small, it gives you the same quality that large commercial machines produce. Your kids can enjoy theater style popcorns right at the home with the same freshness, aroma and texture.

Butter Well

Fresh and hot popcorns taste even better with some butter melted over them. West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy popcorn popper does the job for you flawlessly. The appliance consists of a separate butter well. You can add the desired amount of butter to this well and let the machine take care of the rest. Having a separate component for butter makes the job absolutely mess-free. In addition, an electrically operated stirrer ensures that each piece of popcorn is coated evenly to give you a delicious outcome.

 Healthy Popcorn

The popcorn produced in this machine is not only delectable but also healthy. It makes use of the least amount of oil to produce six quartz of popcorn at a time. In fact, according to the claim made by West Bend, this model yields twenty-five percent extra popcorns by using the same amount of oil as other conventional popcorn makers. Therefore, your snack will be healthier as compared to theater popcorns.

User-friendly Components

In addition to giving you your snack within minutes, other components of the appliance also offer convenience to you in various ways. To begin with, the popcorn holder consists of heatproof handles so that you can hold and move the appliance easily and ensure your safety. Secondly, the popping surface of the popcorn maker consists of a non-stick coating. This ensures that you don’t get a sticky mess at the end of the cooking process. There will be no burnt kernels left at the bottom. In addition, cleaning this surface is super easy.

All of these features combine to give you a handy and efficient popcorn maker at an extremely affordable price.


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